Mari Louhi-Lehtiö

As ET’s managing director I am responsible for the quality of services and programs you buy from us. I divide my time between client work and following proceedings in the various scientific and therapeutic fields related to EASEL to develop ET’s services further, and that is one of the many things I love about my work. I work several days a week with clients as a Business Coach – EASEL Trainer – Psychotherapist for Leading Self and Others with Emotional Intelligence.

My business coaching clients are leaders and executives who want personal consulting and coaching on leading people through transitions and changes without compromising well-being, seek personal and professional growth, and ways to handle stress and combine career and private life. As I am also a family psychotherapist, I sometimes work with their children/teens and the whole family, too.

Some of my favourite speaker topics are (How) Can you have in one family two careers, a great relationship and balanced children? Why people don’t change (the corporate culture) and how they can? How to build a great team from a bunch of great individuals? Typical reviews I get: “Mari Louhi-Lehtio has an exceptional ability to bridge evidence-based theories and scientific knowledge to every-day situations making her trainings engaging and convincing.”

I have created one of the few evidence-based EI training programs for professionals whose job is to lead, teach, serve, guide or heal others. Strong EI differentiates excellent professionals from the average and is essential for successfully leading self and others. EASEL® facilitation method has been evaluated useful in own work by over 200 participants from various fields in Finland and abroad. You will benefit from EASEL® and all that experience in all my services.


I (and my team) work internationally in person and online. At my farm in Finland you can have the ultimate experiential social emotional learning experience : EASEL-trained horses, artwork, nature, learning to cook fresh local food etc. to strengthen your own skills or study EASEL methodology for use in own work.

If you are super happy with your own and your team’s skills, results, drive and well-being, you don’t need my services. If your loved ones are well and you don’t find it too difficult to combine two careers, a loving relationship and balanced children, you don’t need me either. Otherwise, let me know how I might help!

The same principle of striving for high level of competence and walking the talk is true for every trainer you may meet in ET’s programs. Everyone in our network of EASEL®Facilitators, EASEL®Coaches and EASEL®Trainers have own specialities based on background education, passions, extensive work experience in own field, and minimum of 1-3 years of training in EASEL®. The trainers to a program are matched based on the field and needs of the client group.

You can reach me best by e-mail or sending a text message with your contact information for me to call you back.
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Customer Comment

“Social emotional skills are essential in our work when we train corporate leaders, executives and teams. The trainer’s own healthy self-awareness and ability for empathy (without being swallowed by it) are key elements for success in our work. EASEL® offers us as leadership trainers a solid framework for learning and analyzing our work. Mari Louhi-Lehtiö has an exceptional ability to bridge evidence-based theories and scientific knowledge to every-day situations making her trainings engaging and convincing.

Many of our corporate clients struggle with constant changes caused by markets. Their work requires flexibility and ability to change but at the same time persistence to reach the goals with selected strategies. In our own trainings we have seen how the perspectives borrowed from EASEL® have generated new insights among our corporate clients and, in turn, helped them improve their work.

Mari Louhi-Lehtiö has successfully combined to each training day a strong foundation in science (social neurosciences, education, psychology etc.) that, thanks to the every-day-examples, participants are able to understand and integrate into a meaningful working framework for own work. The insights gained invariably influence peoples’ private lives, too. I warmly recommend both EASEL® as a facilitation methodology and Mari as an outstanding coach, trainer, and lecturer.”

EASEL's Story

Finishing high school I started out as a riding instructor and adventure enthusiast. Years at Helsinki university in the second half of the 80’s turned me into a biochemist of health (minor in animal physiology) with a deep fascination for viruses and antibiotic resistance of bacteria. But I had even greater passion for social neurosciences and the role of the mind and personal history / brain and body chemistry in learning, and interactions between people and people and other social animals. As social neurosciences and the concept of social emotional learning developed in the 90’s, I taught at school teens who were struggling to make sense of themselves, others, and life in general. I needed deeper understanding of behavioral and emotional problems, the impact of stress on learning, and tools to help them before they would totally sidetrack from the society and life they wanted for themselves as adults. That is how the first model of EASEL® was born.

Working with “difficult” kids as a licensed teacher but with special interest in social neurosciences, alternative education methods and developing experiential social emotional learning, my world view was maybe a bit wider than “normal”. I soon realize that children’s emotional and behavioral problems are usually a healthy reaction to problems in their most important relationships : to Self and with parents. Problems with teachers and learning were just a secondary challenge caused by our attempts at school to demand kids Self-management before developing Self-awareness and giving help in emotion regulation, and our inability as adults to offer in the classroom relationships and care to compensate for what was lacking at home.

For best results, I needed to work with the adults around them and help them integrate remedial / therapeutic elements into the kids’ daily lives at school and home. Consequently, I studied a two-year-coaching degree at Tampere University, and recently completed a total of five years of studying solution-focused individual and family psychotherapy at Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute. Over the past 15 years I have learned that, wether I work with kids at school or adults in the corporate world, fundamentally the problems always stem from the same questions “who am I and what happens when I interact with others?”. As Henry Stack Sullivan puts it, people’s problems are ultimately always related to relationships and the anxiety caused by trying to adjust to them.

Looking back, I seem to like to return to three areas. As a 18-year-old I taught riding and trained horses in UK, since mid 90’s I have had my own stables. I started in research at Helsinki university, veterinary department, and accomplished 4 scientific publications and 5 abstracts before having my first child. Now (after raising three children) I am back into research at Jyväskylä university, department of psychology collecting data for quantitative efficacy studies on EASEL®. I taught at-risk teens in late 90’s and developed the first model of EASEL. Now I have been back in the school world for a couple of years teaching at-risk teens again and, some 15 years later, I am fine-tuning EASEL to the social emotional learning needs of today’s kids and teachers.

Over the years, since 2005, I have trained with my team close to 200 EASEL®Facilitators and talked about EASEL® and how to apply its principles in peoples’ own work to thousands more in Finland and abroad in conventions, seminars, schools and university lectures, workshops, staff development days etc. My work has taken me also to some rather unusual places and challenges, such as running an international equestrian centre in Beijing as chief instructor and staff trainer for four years, and training social emotional leadership skills with the help of actors and horses to two groups of leaders at the Commission of European Union. In addition to coaching and training professionals in fields like special education and foster care, I have coached countless groups of equestrian and Green Care entrepreneurs, HR people and e.g. IT team leaders. I work equally hard to help families at severe risk of needing to place own child in professional care due to the child’s behavioral and emotional turmoil , and couples fighting to stay together and find a way back to each other.

Every client, every teacher and supervisor I have had, every colleague I have ever worked with, my loved ones and all the tame and wild animals that have been part of my life, have expanded my understanding being human.
I honestly think that I have the world’s best job and hope ET will be able to answer to your needs!

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Our Thinking

When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

EASEL®, is a method for increasing well-being and success at work and in private life through strengthening Social Emotional Skills. EASEL® benefits any work with people and should be in every interaction as a parent.

EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others.


If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® helps you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world. EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education)

Our Mission

EASEL Training’s mission is to help you stay happy, balanced, successful and creative in both your personal and professional life through helping you strengthen your Emotional Competence.

Our Vision

In our vision, social emotional skills are consistently strengthened as part of all education and training, personal development, and professional continuing education. Children’s social emotional skills and all-round well-being depend on the social emotional skills and balance of the adults around them.

Our Values

  • Open dialogue
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Community

EASEL Training helps those, who want success working with people, and combine their careers and personal life.

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