We believe in Emotionally Intelligent Builders and ChangeMakers
Emotional Intelligence is the single most important precursor for success in business and in life.

Strong social emotional skills differentiate exceptional professionals from the average. We have created one of the very few efficacy-proven Emotional Intelligence training programs in the world, EASEL®, experiential social emotional learning and therapy. EASEL helps strengthen the participants’ own social emotional skills and teaches the methodology for use in own work. You get measurable results in the business world, in schools, in social and health care sector, in families and in psychotherapy.

The EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others. The EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education).

If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® coaching sessions help you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world.

Knowledge of EASEL’s Process of Building Relationships and Communities, strong Emotional Intelligence and fine-tuned Social Awareness make you a brilliant leader of people, a teacher, a coach, a therapist etc. They are essential in building great teams and leading others with example and consensual leadership, bringing up balanced children, healing others, and motivating even the most difficult clients to grow and change what needs to be changed.

Change is unavoidable in life and in business but it does not have to be overly difficult or take long. However, growth as a person, professional or organisation is a choice. We believe people do their best and will make necessary changes, as long as certain key precursors are in place. If you or your people don’t make the needed changes, you are off the mark somehow. If the TV is broken, fixing the toaster isn’t helpful. ET’s Founder Mari Louhi-Lehtio is internationally experienced multi-professional consult and coach of professionals and leaders whose work demands strong interpersonal skills. She can help you make any change you need to make in personal or professional life and she will walk you through how to build great teams, precursors for change and to motivate your people to grow and become even better at what they do.

In today’s busy life and constant flood of information our connection to each other and to own inner world gets easily disturbed. Modifying the old proverb about teaching people to fish instead of feeding them, paying attention to social emotional skills and compassion increases wellbeing because people can take better care of themselves and those around them. EASEL® Facilitators are trained to integrate EASEL tools and coaching principles into their professional work.

According to scientific research from the past two decades, there is a strong connection between physical and psychological health and emotion regulation. Wellbeing, happiness, inner motivation and sense of meaning thrive in relationships that are based on mutual respect, attuning communication, trust and compassion. Social emotional skills are strongly connected to e.g. academic and social success, self‐confidence, stress management and resilience, leadership skills, efficacy of psychotherapy, subjective experience of happiness and rewarding relationships, and physical and mental health.

EASEL® holds the belief that all children and most of us adults can and want to do better if we just know what to do and how. People don’t need therapy until a situation feels over-whelming and in most cases things wouldn’t have to get that far. People don’t need a degree in psychology to be great leaders, teachers or parents. What we all do need is some basic knowledge of how the brain learns throughout life in every connection with other people and the environment. A guided tour to Self without the need to go to therapy or share with strangers all our private thoughts. Tools to figure out why we sometimes react and think later, and to see the many possible reasons or our own influence on why someone behaves the way s/he does. Everyone benefits from some basic psychology of health, relationships and raising kids. And some knowledge of the normal stages individuals, groups and families go through, and what are the usual problem spots. And you have the right to invest in yourself and people around you by taking a day or three to focus on the above without multitasking on one of our workshops!

The top experience for you will be joining us at Savikko Farm (savikontila.fi) just outside of Helsinki, an hour from the airport. The experiential activities that we can provide at Savikko place you in a state of active problem-solving on a higher level. The activities are designed to produce a natural process that you can investigate. As in life and relationships in general, the activities are open and shaped by everyone in that moment. The facilitators’ job is to individually guide each client’s exercise so that s/he can safely and productively investigate alternative ways of being, thinking, and doing. The learning arising from this is profound and unlike anything else.

Experiential social emotional learning (EASEL) refers to learning about self and self in relation to others in authentic real-life situations and environments selected for the sessions. The psycho-educational tools are experiential and the biggest “adventure” happens always in the mind. But at Savikko we may include work with EASEL -trained horses. While we can use experiential elements like every-day situations at work, school work or fixing a bike, play and arts, or adventure in nature, “the master class” is with EASEL horses. You don’t have to know anything about horses or and you can even be afraid. You will be safe but we can promise that your experience will change the way you think about yourself and relationships, and horses.

We believe

that every adult and child wants to both be their unique selves, and get along well with other people. We also believe that it is possible. Individuality doesn’t mean selfishness, nor bad behaviour. One can also be part of a community without loosing their own idenitity, when relationships are based on mutual respect, trust and caring.

In Umberto Maturana’s words, “love is actions that allow also the other person to exist as him or herself.”

Everyone wants success with their careers, care for their loved ones, and hope to have time for other meaningful relationships. That can also be done. Everyone wants to learn something new, and leave a positive mark on the world. Everyone also wants to do their best, and any required change, as long as they know what, why and how.

We know

that in today’s complex world and constant flood of information, wanting is not always enough, and it is easy to lose direction. Our world requires great effort from our body’s biochemistry and our minds. We run the risk of driving a large portion of our days 100 km/h in third gear. Research has shown, that the single biggest cause of stress is relationships, either directly, or because you feel others are making decisions for or criticizing you, and you cannot defend yourself. Few of us are alone in our dreams either. We know how and what you can affect, in order to make your life, and the lives of those around you, as good as possible.

Our expertise

is in boosting your Emotional Intelligence and social and change making skills with our evidence-based EASEL® training methodology to match your demanding interpersonal work. Dentists take care of teeth, our clients come to us when they are seeking highly skilled and trustworthy professionals to coach around questions like “who am I in this professional role or time of my life? How can I help others grow and drive the necessary changes? What goes on beneath the surface in interactions and how can I influence what happens? How can I manage my own stress and anxiety level and stay connected also under pressure? How do we combine two careers, a happy relationship and balanced children? How do I lead others in such a way that, at least on my watch, everyone can reach own full potential?

We do things a little differently, because

we have been boosting people’s Emotional Intelligence and bridging experience, psychology, biosciences and social neurosciences to their work and lives since the late 90’s.

we don’t shy away from “difficult” people in the workplace, children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional problems, or challenging clients in therapy. In our experience, they usually express a healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation and prolonged problems are generally due to fixing the toaster when in fact the TV is broken.


we continue working in the fields we talk about. We walk our talk.

our programs follow specific EASEL – processes towards general goals, but the content is always tailored to the customers’ needs. We also consider it our professional pride to be able to modify the content on the spot according to what rises in the audience. In addition, EASEL has been designed to allow individual coaching within a group process, because each member of the group will need to apply what they have learned to own circumstances.

we work with you for only as long as you need us. We strive to become obsolent by sharing with you all we know, current research and our experiences, and we coaching you to applying it in your work and private life.

There is still more to be done.

Signs of “work still to be done” in today’s world are clear; in spite of all we already know, growing numbers of kids in reasonably safe and wealthy developed countries suffer from attention, conduct and behavioral problems, attachment problems and depression. The leading mental health problems of adults are anxiety, depression and addictions. Another typical sign of defence (up to the level of politics) is blaming others and active avoidance of situations that might elicit problematic emotions or demand action. They all are problems of emotion regulation in a world that has become too complicated and stressful for our brain to handle. The tools and knowledge needed to thrive exist and can be learned.

Growth as a person, professional or organisation is a choice.


We are proud of our repeatedly high customer satisfaction ratings and intend to keep it that way. To do that, we constantly develop further the programs, our theoretical and scientific basis, and the applications of EASEL. We are happy to be able to promise year after year that even just one EASEL session will expand your understanding of yourself at home and work, of those around you, and how to deal with the “strange situations” life throws at you. You will leave every workshop with a positive buzz in your mind from wider perspective, new tools and deeper understanding. You will be more sensitive and therefore stronger than before, and irreversibly better professional, parent, spouse and friend.

Our Thinking

When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

EASEL®, is a method for increasing well-being and success at work and in private life through strengthening Social Emotional Skills. EASEL® benefits any work with people and should be in every interaction as a parent.

EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others.


If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® helps you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world. EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education)

Our Mission

EASEL Training’s mission is to help you stay happy, balanced, successful and creative in both your personal and professional life through helping you strengthen your Emotional Competence.

Our Vision

In our vision, social emotional skills are consistently strengthened as part of all education and training, personal development, and professional continuing education. Children’s social emotional skills and all-round well-being depend on the social emotional skills and balance of the adults around them.

Our Values

  • Open dialogue
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Community

EASEL Training helps those, who want success working with people, and combine their careers and personal life.

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