When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

Often clients know what they want and need to do own work even better, make a career move, or solve some challenge. Just as often, however, people feel unhappy, or even unwell, but can’t yet decide if they should get help. If you are browsing these pages in such a situation, maybe the following questions can help you:

Even if you feel you can cope with your stressful work life, can your loved-ones? On a scale of 0 to 10, what are your stress points now and where do you expect them to be in 6 months if things continue as is?

If you think you can cope with some problems in your personal life and that they don’t affect your work performance, is it so? Calculating in months, for how long can you keep driving 130 km/h on third gear? Please, decide on some specific signs that will be your mark for getting help. (From ET or somewhere else, just do it!)

Would you say you are striving or thriving? You see, we all have the same head attached to the same legs in and out of office. There are such things as professionalism and keeping your personal life private, but there is a huge difference between striving and thriving. And that shows everywhere you go and in everything you do.

EASEL coaching and psychotherapy helps you move from striving to thriving. And if your job is to help, guide, teach or lead others, with EASEL® tools you can do that with even greater professionalism, efficacy, and heart. At the same time you will also benefit your personal life. You will also be a more balanced, better partner, friend and a mother / father !


I support professionals and leaders with challenging interpersonal work to be both successful at what they do and content in their life. Three decades of working with people (and horses) backed with multidisciplinary background combining biosciences, education, coaching, and psychotherapy have convinced me that change, stress and challenges are unavoidable in life and at work but growth is optional. My speciality is helping individuals, leaders and organisations to grow and make the changes they need to for productivity, and do it without sacrifcing well-being.

Facilitating Change

Making a change requires that you know what you need to work on, have sufficient support, and can tolerate some anxiety related to all changes. The human brain does not like changes even when they are good. We think about changes as a river one needs to jump over. The tough part is often the bit where you are in the air, not able to go back but not knowing if you’ll make the distance and what you will face on the other side.

Better Working Environments

Strong Social Emotional Skills (Emotional Intelligence EI, Emotional Competence EC etc.) separate great professionals from the average. But based on countless studies in different fields involving working with and leading people, in families, at schools etc. social emotional skills are central to everyone’s well-being, success in studies and work, and efficacy in e.g. therapy, education, leading others, social and health care services.

Experts in Challenging Social Interactions

Welcome to the growing group of “EASEL-people” whose demanding interpersonal work requires fine-tuned emotional intelligence and social skills, and they want to be both well and successful at work and to take good care of their loved-ones.

Sparring Leadership

Would you like to understand peoples’ reactions and interpersonal dynamics more? Do you need something to change in your team’s dynamics or attitudes? Or do you feel that you are not yet getting the full potential out of your team? Do you want to investigate your current leadership style from a new perspective? Do you want to learn to influence the signals you send out so you are more convincing and effective when you need to be?

Combining Careers and Families

We bring to our closest relationships our whole history, our strengths and wounds, needs and hopes. And attachement styles. In great families parents recognize with compassion own issues and deal with them so they can model to children a tight family full of love, respect, and appreciation for each unique personality. Great families also know the value of boundaries and natural consequences of own actions and choices.

You can:

  • Strengthen your personal well-being and career success with our EASEL®Facilitators and EASEL®Coaches. Our team includes professionals from a wide range of fields incl. psychologists, occupational therapists, and individual and family psychotherapists. Some of our EASEL®Facilitators also work with dogs and/or horses, which gives more depth to asking yourself questions like “who am I, and what happens in social interactions”. In addition, it is a fun and breathtaking formula drive in the dynamics of social interactions.
  • Strengthen your skills in challenging social interactions from a professional standpoint, by scheduling EASEL lectures, workshops, or trainings.
  • Take our EASEL®Facilitator program to both strengthen your social emotional competence, and add our EASEL method to your professional toolbox.

Our Thinking

When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

EASEL®, is a method for increasing well-being and success at work and in private life through strengthening Social Emotional Skills. EASEL® benefits any work with people and should be in every interaction as a parent.

EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others.


If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® helps you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world. EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education)

Our Mission

EASEL Training’s mission is to help you stay happy, balanced, successful and creative in both your personal and professional life through helping you strengthen your Emotional Competence.

Our Vision

In our vision, social emotional skills are consistently strengthened as part of all education and training, personal development, and professional continuing education. Children’s social emotional skills and all-round well-being depend on the social emotional skills and balance of the adults around them.

Our Values

  • Open dialogue
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Community

EASEL Training helps those, who want success working with people, and combine their careers and personal life.

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