I bring together science and evidence-based theories of experiential social emotional learning (EASEL®) and family therapy, child development, current developmental models of modern attachment theory and ongoing trends in relational psychotherapy, as well as interpersonal neurobiological studies.

EASEL® is a facilitation methodology that, for your benefit, bridges science and theories of the mind and relationships to your practical every-day-life at work and home. The human brain develops and learns in interactions with others and the environment from birth (actually before) throughout life. You have the same head attached to your legs at work and home, and you carry in your brain’s neural network your whole history. You are at the same time a unique individual and a typical human being. EASEL is about coaching individual human beings. For that reason, EASEL isn’t confined to one discipline or field, like one school of psychology or social neurosciences, or to just one theme, like leading others or mindfulness. At ET we work on the topics and questions you have, towards the goals you set. And thanks to the EASEL® tools and activities we can offer individually tailored coaching even in a group process.

ET’s EASEL – sessions for you can be many things.

I am specialised in helping my clients deal with e.g. the questions above. I approach personal development, coaching and psychotherapy from the perspective of a progressive process;

  • Re-balancing yourself and your everyday life ASAP so you can take a deep breath and move into the next level.
  • Understanding Self and how the human mind works, becoming more aware of own awareness, makes it possible to influence own reactions, stress levels, disturbing thoughts etc.
  • Enhancing your ability to read what goes on in a social interaction. It requires that you know what springs from your own mind and how to keep that from colouring the way you hear and approach others.
  • Understanding Self also helps to better understand that others may have one of many logical reasons and motives for acting the way they do, and that you might be inclined to interpret it all in one way but not necessarily the right way. Think of a granny going into a forest to pick berries and running into a bear.. now think of a nature photographer seeing the same bear… Our attitudes and beliefs colour how we see the world and, consequently, react.

Being able to consciously tune in on others and hear their messages the way they want you to, and to have compassion, are at the core of great social skills. And the so gained inner balance and social competence enhances your ability to make sound decisions based on all the relevant information available, instead of just reacting from own sub-conscious motives, and to control the human brain that by nature tends to jump into conclusions and react before thinking.

In our meetings we don’t just talk about your troubles. I share with you relevant basic psychological knowledge and tools to help you understand what is going on, why and what you could try to do about it. We also play, work in Savikko’s art studio, meet dogs and horses if you want to, go for a walk etc. to investigate together your family dynamics, and practice the changes you want to make. Thanks to the experiential elements of EASEL®, it does not matter if you feel that “just talking” isn’t for you.

You don’t have to commit (and get your family to agree) to a long process. A typical program runs for 7 weeks. In the 7th session we evaluate the situation and decide about your family’s next steps. Sometimes families continue longer, but my goal is that you can feel and see clear progress during the first 7 weeks.


Our Thinking

When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

EASEL®, is a method for increasing well-being and success at work and in private life through strengthening Social Emotional Skills. EASEL® benefits any work with people and should be in every interaction as a parent.

EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others.


If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® helps you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world. EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education)

Our Mission

EASEL Training’s mission is to help you stay happy, balanced, successful and creative in both your personal and professional life through helping you strengthen your Emotional Competence.

Our Vision

In our vision, social emotional skills are consistently strengthened as part of all education and training, personal development, and professional continuing education. Children’s social emotional skills and all-round well-being depend on the social emotional skills and balance of the adults around them.

Our Values

  • Open dialogue
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Community

EASEL Training helps those, who want success working with people, and combine their careers and personal life.

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