One of our principles is, that our trainers continue to work in their respective fields, utilising EASEL®, in order to maintain knowledge of what they coach. Our network includes all trained EASEL®Coaches and EASEL®Trainers, about 30 from a wide variety of fields. When two or more trainers are required, we invite professionals from our network, with the appropriate background, depending on the client’s needs. You can also request to have a specific trainer from our network.

EASEL®Facilitators and Coaches use EASEL® to strengthen their own work, and the social emotional skills of their clients. However, they do not train clients to use the EASEL® method on their own clients. EASEL®Trainers, following their own 3 year training, give methodological training. To ensure quality and safety, based on continuous development and testing, EASEL® methodology and facilitation programs always include EASEL Training as one of the organizers, and an EASEL®Trainer as the head trainer.

Here are the contact details for our core team.

Mari Louhi-Lehtiö

As the founder and CEO of EASEL Training, I am responsible for the quality of our programs and services. My strengths as a trainer, come from working with a wide range of clients, and in various roles. As a biochemist, trainer, teacher, group supervisor and coach, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur, I have over 20 years of international experience working in challenging social interactions and coaching on them, in my various roles. I have worked on all levels from Finnish and Swedish municipal workers to EU-commission executives in Brussels, special needs students and families with challenging child behaviour to social healthcare and educational professionals, developing small teams in business to entire communities renewing their working culture, and leaders seeking help in leading “difficult” employees.

mari (at)
tel. (+358) 040 8273452
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Anna Lehtiö

As our Product Specialist, I am responsible for importation, representing English WOW-saddles in Finland and the Baltic, retail and user training. At Savikko, am also regarded the Customer Happiness Manager, because customers often regard our animal-assisted exercises the highlight of the day. I am responsible for the well being and training of our dogs and horses, and I act as one of the trainers for animal-assisted interaction exercises. I’m a riding instructor and EASEL®Facilitator (in training). In the future, my job description will be supplemented by psychological services, but, for 2016-2018, I’m concentrating on the WOW-saddle launch and training my horses for more challenging competitions.

anna (at)

tel (+358) 40 5525441

Our Thinking

When your job is to help, guide, teach, heal or lead others, ET’s programs help you do your job more professionally, more effectively, with heart and less fatigue.

EASEL®, is a method for increasing well-being and success at work and in private life through strengthening Social Emotional Skills. EASEL® benefits any work with people and should be in every interaction as a parent.

EASEL®Facilitator training program is for everyone who works with people and wants to become better at it. Our target groups are professionals whose job is to lead, teach, motivate, coach, support, counsel, serve or heal others.


If you want to be well and successful both at work and in your personal life, EASEL® helps you re-calibrate your Social Emotional Skills to better match the demands of your work and today’s world. EASEL®Facilitator training program also adds to your professional toolbox an effective facilitation methodology for experiential social emotional learning or therapy (depending on your background education)

Our Mission

EASEL Training’s mission is to help you stay happy, balanced, successful and creative in both your personal and professional life through helping you strengthen your Emotional Competence.

Our Vision

In our vision, social emotional skills are consistently strengthened as part of all education and training, personal development, and professional continuing education. Children’s social emotional skills and all-round well-being depend on the social emotional skills and balance of the adults around them.

Our Values

  • Open dialogue
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Community

EASEL Training helps those, who want success working with people, and combine their careers and personal life.

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